Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kids Choice

Tonight my entire family is gathered around the TV set. Normally, this would irritate me to no end. I hate it when everyone just zones into the TV instead of spending quality time together. Tonight is different. 
My kids have really been looking forward to Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards. We are watching it together, laughing, talking about who could be "the creepy voice," and singing along to the songs. The kids love pointing out the celebrities and I'm not sure how much longer my son will be able to sit before he jumps up and starts dancing. He loves to perform! The green slime elicits such delight in my living room each time it gets dumped on somebody new! This is interactive television viewing. We are interacting with each other, something that TV normally prohibits by its nature. That's what makes this time so wonderful. 
I have to go so I can join the fun again. Commercial break over! If you miss the original airing at 8pm, look for reruns so you can share this with your kids. It's so worth it!
PS: Don't forget! Tomorrow night is the deadline to enter the giveaway! See Thursday's and Friday's posts for more details.


  1. Did you let your kids vote on who gets slimed?

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