Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mama's Gonna Get Dirty!

Oh yeah! You heard me right! I am ready to get dirty! Muddy, to be more specific! I have decided that I would be more motivated to get in shape if I had reason, a goal. As a result, I am getting together a group of friends to do the U.S. Marine Corps Mud Run on April 21 in Columbia, SC. 
The Mud Run is a 5 mile mud obstacle course done as a fundraiser for survivors of late Marines. The course is designed by drill sergeants and they even have drill sergeants along the course to yell at you.Teams of four compete for the best time. The race starts with a short sprint. After that, all of the obstacles are in the mud. One example is going on your belly through a mud pit that has logs across it and having to go under the logs when you get to them. Others require more upper body strength, such as swinging from ropes across a mud pit, climbing a wall, and more. Fun right? I think it will be! And at the end of the race, one teammate has to be carried by another to the finish line. 
There is also a kids version the same day. Two of my children are competing and they are so excited. 
We  don't have much chance of placing in the top 10, much less 1st. We just hope to be able to finish! We are planning to train hard, have fun competing, and go home feeling a sense of accomplishment. 
Visit if you want to participate here in SC. There is another one in October if April is too soon for you. If you aren't in SC, check online for a Mud Run near you. These events are all over the nation. Pictures will be posted when the time comes!

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