Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Not-So-Secret Garden

Our recycling is going so well around that we keep running out of room in the laundry room! My daughter now moves the full bags to the back door and puts new ones out in the laundry room as needed. My husband or I can just grab them and go when we are ready to go to the dump. Thinking about whether there might be a better system that won't take up so much space. Any comments?
In the meantime, I have gone to the local farmer's supply and gotten materials for a raised garden. I grow tomatoes most years and sometimes cucumbers, but this year I want a bigger garden with more variety. I picked a spot up against the porch that is surrounded by sidewalk and my husband has agreed to remove all of the grass and prepare the soil for me this weekend. I bought him a new square shovel that he is planning to sharpen on a grinder so removing the grass shouldn't be too hard. Then we plan to mix our soil with MiracleGro Organic gardening soil. Next we plan to build up three rows, each three to four feet wide, with lower walking paths between them. 
I am ready to start planting too! I bought seeds and seedlings while I was there...carrots, sweet onions, sweet banana peppers, romaine lettuce, and brussesl sprouts. Hey, you can never have enough tomatoes! So I also have heirloom tomatoes, early girl tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. I can taste them already!
Anyone want to share a favorite way to use garden fresh vegetables? One of my personal summer favorites is caeser salad. Also, try halved brussels sprouts lightly browned in olive oil with salt and pepper, just till tender. Yum, yum, yum!

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