Friday, March 16, 2012

Sports Win this Saturday

Whoo! What a day! I didn't even get my walk that I was determined to take! After spending the entire morning at the doctor's office, I was able to get to work only five minutes late (I was supposed to be there at noon). I got home after dark and I just don't think it's safe for a woman to walk alone after dark. I consider myself pretty tough, but not stupid. I did take the puppy out to walk around the front yard for about 15 minutes, but I was so upset about not getting to take a walk that I opted for 5 minutes of stair climbing when I got back inside. Ha! Got some exercise after all! And wow! That really got my heart pumping! 
Our gardening will have to be done on Sunday. Tomorrow I get to take my daughter to play soccer 2 hours away. We will be leaving home at 7:15 and getting back here around 4:30. That should leave plenty of time for a walk when we get home. I think I'll be ready for it after all that sitting in the car and sitting on the sidelines. Opening day for baseball is tomorrow, too, so my husband will going with my son to watch him play all day. I love team sports for the kids, though. I think the benefits for them far outweigh the inconvenience they sometimes cause us grown-ups. My kids are in excellent shape physically because sports have never been optional in our home. Each of them is always in at least one sport. In fact, many times we had to tell the kids that they were involved in too many sports and needed to narrow it down some (for my sake!). At one point, my oldest son was taking riding lessons and tae kwon do, as well as playing baseball and tennis! In his spare time, he liked to rollerblade (how he found that spare time is beyond me!). Bottom line? These soccer Saturdays are a good thing. 
Now go forth and recycle, or do some gardening, or take a walk, or watch your kids play sports. What is on your Saturday to-do list?

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