Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy Busy (plus a little surprise)

I am working on giving the term "busy mom" a new meaning. If I keep at it a little longer, I think they will actually change the term to "insanely over-scheduled mom who needs to learn some limits". I was talking in a live video chat with some other bloggers a few nights ago and announced nonchalantly that I home school my daughter, work full-time (not from home), and run a blog. They all had a good laugh and then asked if I was joking! I am not joking, I assure you! I just got home from work and after I finish my blog, update my twitter and check my blog's Facebook page, I will check my emails and reply to them. Then I will check over the assignments my daughter did independently today (we worked together on some things before I went to work). We will read together before we both go to bed. Whew!
How do I handle it? I think the secret to not going crazy is to love everything on your schedule. I truly enjoy my work and my blogging activities are my fun time. I love homeschooling my daughter for so many reasons. For example, we get lots more quality time together than if she were at a traditional school for 8 hours every day. She learns more easily and doesn't get embarrassed to ask questions. We can tailor the schedule and the activities around other things in our life. For example, Earth Day will be school work for us because she is studying ecology in science right now. The Farmer's Market is school, too, because she is studying healthy eating habits in Health. I could go on and on about why I love homeschooling and if I got started I could do the same with the subject of blogging or telling you why I love my job. Just like working in my garden, these things are not hard to do because I enjoy doing them. Speaking of the garden...I didn't have to water it tonight because it rained! That's one less thing to do tonight! After running strong all day, I do have trouble slowing down when I go to bed, but I read or do a puzzle in bed to help me clear my mind and get sleepy. Again, these are activities I love.
I have to go now because, as you know, I have lots more to do! In the title tonight I mentioned a little surprise. I found a special offer that you will love. I bought one! Just pay $18 for $40 from Click the link below the picture to get this deal. Mine isn't a savings blog but I don't mind saving either! I forgot to mention...use coupon code APR10 to get $2 off the usual $20 price for this deal. Here it is and good night.

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