Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly News

Which do you want first?
The good news or the bad news?
Okay the good wins!
You twisted my arm.
Seriously, though, there is good news in the grocery store. I went to buy the fixings for burgers today and in the ketchup section I saw a new product that made me a very happy mama. Now every family prefers Heinz or Hunts right? Sweet or spicy. Mine prefers the Heinz, luckily, because the new product is Heinz in a squeezable foil container with a little plastic spout and cap. It was only 99 cents, too.
Bye bye plastic! I despise plastic. Too much pollution is produced in creating it, it leaks chemicals into our food when we use it for storage, and it creates too much pollution again when it's recycled. Needless to say, I bought one!

The bad news? I ate fast food today. Of course, I said I would stop for a week starting Sunday, so I haven't failed my personal challenge in any way. But I realized again how hard it will be for me to give up those convenient drive-thru windows. And it's soooo unhealthy and fattening. Yuck.
Which brings me to the ugly news. I went to Taco Bell for lunch and my husband and daughter both decided to try the new Doritos Tacos. Okay, fine, right? Wrong! The taco comes in a cardboard wrap, which is then wrapped in their usual paper wrap. Why the waste? My daughter pointed out that the cardboard keeps the orange Doritos seasoning off of your fingers, but why the paper over it when we are not even dropping it in a bag. I was very disappointed in the wastefulness!

Last but not least tonight, I want to remind you that tomorrow is Earth Day! My family and I and my daughter's friend are all going to church at Newspring, then eating our brown bag lunches, going to see "Chimpanzee" at the theater next to the church, and finally, taking a nature walk on a trail that starts behind the theater. It ought to be a full day and fun day.

One last bit of advice? A gardening quote from good ol' Lewis Grizzard: "Don't bend over in the garden granny, you know them taters got eyes!"
Heehee! Good night!

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