Friday, April 20, 2012

Mama Tries To Be More Normal

I hope you read last night's post. For those of you who didn't, I quoted a list of challenges from the book, Folks,This Ain't Normal.

Well, I went over that list myself a few times, both before and after I posted it on my blog, and I read them to my daughter. She was aghast that I would even want to attempt some of them, while others seemed fairly easy. After much thought, I decided that I would tackle the one that I knew would be hardest for me: no fast food restaurants for a week.

A whole week, people. With my fast paced days, fast food restaurants offer a quick and inexpensive solution to meals or snacks. On the other hand, I know, even as I order it, that the food is dripping with saturated fat and lacks pretty much anything that would pass as nutritious. Sure you can go to McDonald's and get a salad or fruit and yogurt. But do you? I mean, you can smell the fries as soon as you roll down the window to order! Not me. I give in to temptation and order the fries. And the burger. And the soda or smoothie or, my favorite, the frozen strawberry lemonade. Let me stop.

The point is it will be very hard for me to stay away from drive-thru windows. I will have to think ahead, buying groceries with the intention of cooking meals, cooking extra so that I can have an easy and quick option for lunch the next day, stashing nuts and other healthy munchies in my purse and in my truck. I will need willpower like I'm not sure I have, so prayers are needed and appreciated! In fact, tomorrow I will just sit down and place an online order for groceries so that I can kick off my 7 day fast food free spree when I wake up on Sunday. What a great way to start Earth Day!

If you are attempting one or more of the 9 challenges that I posted yesterday, I would love to hear which one and how it's going. Leave comments so that everyone can be inspired by or laugh at (with, I mean with, not at) each other's attempts to get a little closer to "normal."

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