Saturday, April 14, 2012

Promise Kept...

I said those plants would be in the ground by the end of this day and I meant it! The garden has been fully planted and watered and looks great. Well everything got planted except the carrot seeds that my daughter threw away as she was cleaning up behind me. Haha. Between my garden and my CSA basket, there should be no shortage of fresh, organic produce in this house this summer! I really want to learn how to can and pickle so that I can keep some for winter, although I do know how to put up tomatoes and corn in the freezer. Canning is on my list and I've done a little reading but one thing at a time! How about a few pics of the garden? I think I promised those too.
 Peppers and Rutgers Tomatoes above
 Strawberries on the left, Cukes and Tomatoes center. 
Watermelons are just out of view on the right above.
 Onions don't look like much now but they will!
 Brussels Sprouts above. Can't wait to get these!
 More Tomatoes and Peppers
The Romaine didn't like  being transplanted. Hopefully it will recover.