Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wrap Up

Well the week is ended, and with it Spring Break. I enjoyed taking some time off to spend with my kids and having my nephew here for the week. It was an eventful week, too! I got that garden planted, bought and started a food and exercise journal, did some spring cleaning, and did a lot of networking with the Ultimate Blog Party. I took time to play games with the kids, bought a new sprinkler for them to play in while I'm gardening, helped my daughter with her puppy training, and got in lots of exercise. 
My husband is jumping on the bandwagon and came up with his own idea of a change he wants to make. We've gotten into the habit of eating dinner in front of the tv on the nights we don't eat out. I've been using the dining room as an office for my eBay selling (my little sideline income). He wants to move my eBay stuff to the bonus room and start eating dinner at the table again, away from distractions, where we can just appreciate the good food and good company. I love it. He's absolutely right about how important that family time can be and we will be working on moving everything during the coming week. This used to be a priority for us but we let our busy lifestyles make us lazy about dinner. I look forward to getting back to family dinners like we used to have. 
I feel great after such a productive but relaxing week! I hope I can use that energy to be productive in the coming week as we get back to our usual schedules. Best wishes for a great Monday friends. I leave you with a bit of inspiration for your week...
"Producing good fruit can feel impossible. Our sinful natures make us self-absorbed, greedy and quick to judge. And even when we are trying, we are faced with difficult situations and people who wear on our last nerves. But with Jesus, all things are possible. He will help us to maintain the integrity and concern for others that are the core of producing good fruit.
So take a bite of repentance. Digest that attitude. Imagine your life without God’s integrity and concern for you. Be joyful in your salvation and share your joy with others. All the person next to you might need is a smile. Surely we all have an extra one to spare." - Perry Noble
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