Friday, May 4, 2012

What's In a Tomato

Who doesn't love a fresh, juicy, red, ripe tomato in the summer time, right? I thought this was an American thing, but recently read that it's a worldwide favorite. In fact the world's top producer of tomatoes is China! They really do make everything in China I guess! Anyway, I got to wondering...we know tomatoes are healthy, but what exactly is in a tomato? How much of vitamin this and mineral that?

I found a couple of websites with information on the subject and one in particular turned out to be lots of fun. At there is a search box at the top that lets you type in any food and pull up a nutrition label that can actually be printed. It's just like the label on a can of soup or a pack of crackers! You cannot, however, re-use the images online. Otherwise I would have pasted one here for you to view.

Between and the other sites I visited, I put together a list of facts about tomatoes that I think is pretty astounding. Like I said before, I knew tomatoes were healthy, but do you know just how amazingly super nutritious these guys are? All of this data is based on one large sliced or chopped tomato, and all numbers are approximate because of variations in size, ripeness, and variety. Have a look and see if you learn anything new about these super-fruits, then click the link at the bottom to take the Great Tomato Quiz and test what you really know!

32 calories
90% water
fullness factor 4.5/5.0
nutrition rating 4.9/5.0
glycemic load 2 (rda = 100 or less)
mildly anti-inflammatory
helps reduce total cholesterol, LDL, and tryglycerides
vitamin c (39% rda)
vitamin a (30%)
vitamin k (18%)
potassium (12%)
molybdenum (12%)
manganese (10%)
fiber (9%)
b6 (7%)
folate (7%)
copper (6%)
b3 (5%)
magnesium (5%)
vitamin E (5%)
B1 (5%)
phosphorus (4%)
protein (3%)
tryptophan (3%)
choline (3%)
iron (3%)
high in lycopene and beta carotene, powerful antioxidants

Now head over to take the Great Tomato Quiz by clicking here. I missed three when I took it! If you are a blogger and would like to ad your post, head over to Simply Natural Saturdays at The Pistachio Project to sign up. Readers see all of the participating blog posts at The Pistachio Project also!


  1. Super interesting, I really never thought about everything that is in our fruits and veggies.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I usually don't either, so I had fun looking this up!

  2. Interesting! I got four wrong!

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  4. You scored: 90%

    Ted Kooper

  5. I knew they were mostly water but I'm surprised by how much nutrient is actually still in them considering.

  6. Yikes! I only got 60%!!!! Thanks for sharing the website, that's an awesome tool.

  7. I scored 100%. I hope I am lucky to win the giveaway. I love tomatoes and eat them daily. I wish I could grow them but its so dry and the birds love them too. Fried Green tomatoes in a salad is yum-o. Try it sometime.
    Cyndee Thomas

    1. I love fried green tomatoes! Never had them in salad though. Thanks for the idea!

  8. I scored 80%! Better than I thought I would do. Even boasted about it on Facebook lol - off to check out your Paypal giveaway; could really use the cash :-D

  9. I love tomatoes. Glad they are so good for me

  10. I got a 90% but I guessed on a few.

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  11. Wow, I never knew there was so much in a tomato!

  12. I love tomatoes in any form.

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    1. Thanks for the tweet Rosa! We love them in any form at my house too!

  14. My mom used to keep the day's fresh produce from her garden in a bowl on the kitchen table. Once when it got too quiet my mom and I went looking for my son who was 2 at the time. Found him sitting at her table eating a tomato like it was an apple!

  15. I learned something new today, and it's not even 9 a.m. ;)