Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was really a great day. Some wonderful things happened. It's late, so I will keep it short, but I really wanted to share my happy day! First of all, I attended a Weight Watchers meeting this morning. What a great way to start the day! I was feeling totally motivated and I signed up for a monthly pass. In a nutshell, all foods have point values and I have a point allotment. Today I stayed under my allotment with 4 points left over! That makes me feel I can do this!
My daughter and I accidentally found the local visitors center today, too. It was next door to another place we stopped. We really enjoyed all of the local items inside and I couldn't believe how much I didn't know about what was available in our own city! We discovered some activities that will make great home school field trips and are excited to fit a few in before the end of the school year! 
We also visited a shop downtown that features local artists. While searching for Mother's Day gifts, we talked with a local artist whom I'd met several times before. Well, he decided to sponsor a giveaway on my blog! I don't want to give away any details ahead of time.  I am hoping to have the giveaway up by tomorrow night, so come back to check it out! 
Then we picked up some items at the Downtown Farmer's Market. I got eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, and raw milk. The milk is a first for me, so I was excited to try it! Not exactly Weight Watchers compatible, but I did have a taste and, umm, it tasted like milk, haha! The biggest difference is that you have to shake it because the cream separates and floats to the top. My husband is a whole milk fan and I usually buy skim milk, so I know he is going to love this stuff! The eggs are pullets, which are smaller but are supposed to be richer in flavor. They are the eggs of young hens, teenager chickens. Heehee. 
For dinner, we made the recipe that I posted on Sunday. It was delicious! Very rich and flavorful and satisfying! It was also beautiful, very colorful, so I took a picture for you. Here it is, and have a great night!

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