Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 56

Today's Challenge: If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

Going Green with the GrizlsHmmm...I had trouble deciding on an answer, so I asked my daughter what she would choose. She first said she would have the power to read minds, but quickly realized she may not want to hear some of it! Then she decided on invisibility. She would use it to sneak up on her brother and play tricks on him. Oh, I should have seen that coming!

So I still don't know. Is Cupid a super hero? Can I have the power to make people love each other? Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if you gave me that power and turned me loose on the world?


  1. I love your kiddos answer! And I think Cupid would make the world much happier :)

    Want to read my superpower?

  2. I bet my daughter would use a superpower to sneak up on her brother, too! lol
    I think Cupid would be a good thing... it'd mos def make the world a better place