Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 33 and 42

Going Green with the GrizlsI missed Day 33 when my power was out and I never did get back to it. As it happens, Day 42 (today) is very similar, so I am going to combine them and "kill two birds with one stone" here.

Day 33 Challenge: What travel plans do you have for the summer?

Day 42 Challenge: Talk about a favorite vacation you have taken. 

For the second summer in a row, our family has opted not to take a "vacation." We still plan to enjoy our summer, but in bits and pieces and all along instead of having a great week and piddling away the rest. 

We have spent plenty of time in and by the pool already and the kids have started using the gym at the YMCA. 

We are enjoying our garden and it's fruits, too. My daughter has her own herbs that she bought at the organic farmer's market that our city hosts each Wednesday, and I have the tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, and more. My son loves watching and waiting for the watermelons that are getting bigger and bigger! 

The farmer's market is fun time in and of itself. We go to pick up our CSA share each week and end up with other purchases. Today we went to a different farmer's market and came home with cheese, cucumbers (we are eating the cukes faster than I can grow them), watermelon (since ours aren't ready yet), and okra. We also purchased frozen dog food today, that is basically meat scraps from the locally pastured and butchered meat they sell. 

Yesterday we took the first of several planned day trips, or "mini-vacays." We went to Fantasy Lake, which is a redneck waterpark in a redneck lake in North Carolina. It was great! We went with friends and the kids played for more than 5 hours before we had to drag them out of the water to go home. 

We have also planned to go to Surfside Beach for a day and Georgetown for a few days. While we are in Georgetown we can visit the historic sites and the beautiful beaches of Pawley's Island, as well as joining some family that live there for a day on Black River. 

In late summer, after school resumes, I hope to be able to spend a weekend camping at Table Rock. They have great hiking trails, a lake for swimming, and a beautiful waterfall that has places you can slide down and a crystal clear pool at the bottom that the kids love to wade into. 

Of course, we are planning to have lots more time at the pool, too! And we may have to get to Fantasy Lake again before the summer ends. 

I feel that we are blessed to live in such a beautiful state that has so much to do. Why tie ourselves down to one week in a condo somewhere? 

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  1. Ha. I love the redneck lake. Sounds like my kind of place.