Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 45

Today's Challenge: Share a makeup tip/trick. 

One problem.... I don't have any makeup tricks. What I do with makeup is pretty basic. But...

Here's my makeup routine:

Going Green with the GrizlsBrush a neutral shade of shadow across my lower lid and a lighter neutral across the top, under my brows. A coat of my fave mascara, Falsies by Maybelline, makes me tiny lashes look longer and my eyes look bigger. A light coat is all I use because that's all it takes with this mascara. Use too much or put on a second coat and you will look like you put on falsies! If I'm feeling it that day, I add a little pink blush and some neutral lip gloss, but most days I just skip the blush and opt for chap-stick. I have foundation, but if you see me wearing it I am covering something up for sure! Example: If my face is sunburned I will wear a tint foundation with pressed powder over it to hide the lobster look (this happened earlier this week).

I can share a great tip that I recently learned from my hairdresser, though!

I have tried so many products, one after another, for years and years, trying to find a way to tame my curly hair frizzies without the wet look.  She told me to use texturizer! She even put some on my hair after she cut it to show me.

The real test, of course, comes when you try to do it yourself. I bought a jar of Tresseme texturizing cream at CVS and tried this myself (something really cheap just to give it a shot). It worked! Don't follow the package directions if you are using it to control frizz. Instead, dip three fingers into the jar to get a good-sized glob and rub your hands together before running your fingers through your hair. Start just behind the bangs and run your hands all the way to the ends. Do it again on the sides. Then grab a little more and grab the back of your hair, running your hands down to the end, getting the outside only, not running it through the hair. Last but not least, I use what's left on my hands (feel them, they are still sticky) as directed on the package, on the roots at the top of my head. This last step is for volume, not frizz.

You may have to experiment a few times to get the amount right. Too much gives you the wet look and leaves the hair feeling a little crunchy. Too little and you get no result. But after 2 or 3 times, I felt like a pro at this! My hair has never looked better and my daughter even asks me to do her hair like this now!

Now that my Tresseme is nearly gone, can anyone recommend a similar product from an eco-friendly brand?


  1. I have horrible frizzies! I'll definitely try this. Thank you! ;)

  2. You asked if there are any other more natural products out there. I think Aveda makes a product that is similar to what you describe. Brilliance...or humectant...something like that. It's been a very long time since I used it. It added definition to curls and took away the frizziness.

  3. Your routine sounds like a great tip to me!

    As far as the texturizer, I've never used one, but I'll be on the lookout. I see a few natural products, but the prices start at $19.99. That's a little too deep for my pockets. They're lesser known brands, so perhaps a well know brand might have something in the works!

  4. I would advise looking on Etsy for a good natural one. Everything homemade is always better. ;-)

  5. I've been meaning to buy falsies mascara to try it. Ive been using get up and grow from Almay and love it, but it's about time for a new bottle and I think I'll try the falsies :).

  6. Use a beer wash to control frizz. It works like a charm.