Friday, July 20, 2012

What is Your Carbon Footprint?

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Your carbon footprint is a great measure in numbers of how green you really are living. No matter what your score, attempting to lower it is a great way to continue on your journey to be more eco-friendly. I have known about this but I have never checked mine...until today. 

There are many sites online that will help you determine your carbon footprint. These are just a few:

I chose to go to Earth Lab to measure my carbon footprint. Out of curiosity, I hope to try all of these over the next few days. According to the carbon footprint calculator on the site I used, my score is 345 on a scale of 150-900 and my carbon ouput per year is 14.7 tons per year. I don't think 345 is too bad! I learned some things from the quiz that I can do to lower my score, just by not being able to say "yes" to some of the questions. On the other hand, i was very proud of my answers to other questions!

When I logged in after taking the quiz, I got even more information on how I can lower my score. I also learned that of the people in my city and state who have taken this test, I actually scored slightly higher than average, but lower than the national average. I have pledged to make some more changes to bring my score down. I love that under the pledges there are so many choices and they are divided into easy, moderate, and advanced.

Head on over and try one of these quizzes. I would love it if you could come back to share your results with me. I love comments and I'd really like to know how you did!


  1. I haven't taken the quiz yet, but this is cool. I didn't know there were sites that would calculate my carbon footprint!

  2. I've done this a long time ago. I should do it again. I really like how they give you ideas and ways to make changes for the better!