Sunday, August 19, 2012

(Nearly)Wordless Weekend: Our Mini-Vacay in Pictures

The pier at Myrtle Beach State Park

My daughter jumping waves :)
I just sit on the edge of the water and wave watch.

Watching the ducks and turtles behind the condo.

A few of the duckies.

The only pic of me only happened 'cause they caught me off guard!

My daughter's friend joined us for our mini-holiday.

Looking pretty  (it's the good genes)

Under the Live Oaks

Waiting to get to the water.

Happier now that the water has been reached!

Another happy camper!

Storm brewing over the park.

Trying to get just a few more minutes...

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  1. I went to Myrtle Beach when I was 12 and it was so lovely!!