Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 62

Okay, I know I skipped a few of these. I will work on getting those missed challenges done as soon as possible. It will be still be fun, even if they are out of order.
Going Green with the Grizls

Today's Challenge: Talk about a handmade gift idea.

Well, I am not very crafty. On the other hand, I do like to look for handmade gift ideas, especially at Christmas. I just don't think of them myself. I have to use ideas from other people. Here are a few of the things the kids and I have done to gift to teachers, grandparents, etc.

  1. The kids wrote personalized notes, complete with accompanying drawings, in pretty colors for their grandparents. I transferred the notes to iron-on paper and then onto inexpensive hand towels (they won't use them so you don't need nice towels). 
  2. We melted chocolate and let the kids dip dried cranberries in it. They laid the individual cranberries out on waxed paper to dry before putting them in various containers and tying bows around them. (This occupied them forever = great idea)
  3. Melt the old, short tidbits of crayons and poor them into empty baby food jars with wicks to make candles. Place a bowl upside down on fabric scraps and trace. Then cut out the circles and place on top of the jars. Secure them by tying a piece of string or ribbon around the tops of the jars to make them look cute for gift giving. 
That's about all I have. But don't worry. I will be checking out the other blogs in the Summer Blog Challenge for more ideas to try! 

Have an easy homemade gift idea? Share it! I love your comments!


  1. I like the chocolate covered cranberries idea. I don't like raisins, but like cranberries, so I'd make that for myself.

  2. I like the cranberry idea!!! :) My kids would just be eating the chocolate, though... lol