Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 64

Today's Challenge: What helps you get through meltdowns?

Oh, those. We are going to admit to those? And then talk about them? Oh....well....

When I get seriously upset, the thing that helps most is being able to tell someone and have them at least act like they care. I need undivided attention and support, followed by a hug. The hug will make me cry (worse), but it helps the most because it makes me feel like I can let it go, like I am being held up by someone else.

During a "meltdown" logic typically disappears. But afterward, when I start to think clearly again and realize how badly I have behaved, I start to think about why. That is when I usually go to God with the whys and turn over my problems to Him. I don't ever feel completely better until I complete this step. At that point, I know I am being held up by someone else.


  1. What helps me? Music, music, music. Listengin to Amy Grants Better Than a Hallelujah right now!

  2. That is *exactly* how I react, minus the God part. lol. So, so weird.