Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge: Day 70

Today's Challenge: Give one tip to new bloggers.

Green Moms NetworkIf I had to choose only one piece of advice for a new blogger, it would be to join a group of like-minded bloggers. I love that I found Green Moms Network not long after starting my blog. Not only do we exchange info on topics that interest us, but we also share blogging tips, answer each other's questions, share each other's posts, and more. We organize events together and share events from elsewhere, too.

I have even become friends with a few of the ladies in the group and one in particular is my facebook-chat-go-to-person in the evenings. We bounce blogging ideas off of each other, share posts with one another, and talk about our families. If she lived next door, we would be inseparable and insufferable I am sure!

Since then I have joined a couple of other groups, too. Search on Google or Facebook or look at the buttons in the sidebars of some of your favorite blogs. That's a great way to get in touch with a group that fits you and your page.


  1. Thanks for introducing Green Moms Network. I submitted a request to join the Facebook group. Sounds like a great group that I'd enjoy being involved with.