Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reaction to Russian Ban of GMO Corn

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Okay. Let me apologize in advance. And warn you. I plan to rant. I need to let it out. I am angry. 

Here we are begging and pleading and signing petitions and blogging and facebooking and lobbying for LABELING of food containing genetically modified organisms and to no avail. Monsanto has so much money in the right pockets and so many people whispering in the right ears that we can't get anywhere! 

Meanwhile, France has studied GMO corn and found that it's a dangerous carcinogen. It causes CANCER! So they banned American corn. Now Russia is following suit based on the same study. And France is presenting the study to the European Union in an effort to ban all imports of American GMO corn (cause only stupid Americans grow this stuff for food).

I hope they do! I absolutely positively hope that the EU bans the stuff. Maybe then America will WAKE UP! 

I am sick and tired of big money companies running our lives. If the majority wants labeling, then label the stuff! Even better, follow France and Russia and ban GMO food in America! 

It's time for some action!

For more info on GMOs, try my previous article here or try this website for basic info and this one to stay updated on what's going on in the anti-GMO community.  


  1. Laura,
    I support your opinion clearly stated in this post.
    What Monsanto and the rest of the "crew" does is unethical, unhealthy, and rotting wrong.
    I hope, too, that EU will follow France and BAN all the GMOs imported into their continent.
    Of course, we don't know what Monsanto is up to in the next round of their "scientifically" supported new generation foods.
    Monsanto, you are being watched!

  2. I Would like to know more Laura, yes I am interested!I am interested cause we love corn...please inbox me some reading..ok? Or post online so others can see and read...let's do it!

    1. I added some links at the end of the article above so that you can get more info!

  3. I totally agree with you, Laura. I can't tell you how often in our house we utter the phrase "if only we lived in Europe".....

  4. Wow...I had no do we know if what we're eating is GMO? julieann r

    1. We don't! That's why we are begging the FDA to require labeling! For more info on GMOs, try my previous article here or try this website for basic info and this one to stay updated on what's going on in the anti-GMO community.

  5. Corporations need to stop playing God and LEAVE OUR FOOD ALONE. Wake up world!

    Love Letters 7.10

  6. I love this! ♥ On a worldwide perspective, I'm thrilled another portion of the human race has decided to do the right thing. In reality, when you think about the world as a whole, the *majority* of the world is doing much better than it has in the previous few decades in regard to things like this. We just happen to live in the idiot minority that would rather make a buck than be sensible.

  7. I am suprised!! It is high time America wake up, when lives are at stake!! Would like more details on this!!!