Friday, September 21, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Green Virgin Products

I was so excited when I recently received some cleaning products from Green Virgin Products to review. You may have already heard me rave about how much I love their soap nuts. I had seen the GVP Formula 433 cleaner on their website, but I hadn't tried it so I was thrilled to be able to try it. 

I opened the box and found a quart of GVP Formula cleaner-degreaser concentrate, along with two empty spray bottles, a foaming pump dispenser, and a bar of GVP Formula 433 laundry prespotter. 

The first thing I noticed after removing everything from the box is the label on the concentrate. Formula 433 is non-toxic, carcinogen-free, eco-friendly, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic! According to Green Virgin Products, it's safe enough to drink! 

But how would it work? I set to work mixing the solution. One bottle was labeled medium duty cleaner and the other was labeled light duty. Each had labels with mixing directions and the bottles had markings that made it super easy. After mixing in the two spray bottles, I poured some of the medium-duty mixture into the foaming pump dispenser. My daughter was happy to test this one! It foamed as expected and made a great hand wash. I even found it worked well on greasy dishes and it now has a new home on the window sill over my kitchen sink!

Next I wanted to try the spray cleaner. I have some really cheap cabinets in my kitchen that came with the house. They are porous and only lightly stained so every time the kids spill something, my cabinets just soak it up. They always look bad and I've tried and tried to clean them, even resorting to bleach one time (which just left ugly streaks in some places). Sounds like a good test subject, right?

one spray, before wiping
I had a plan. I looked for the yuckiest spot and sprayed just one squirt of the medium duty cleaner. I would wipe with a cloth and see what happened, then try again with a scrubbing sponge. I was amazed instantly as I watched the clear cleaner turn brown and drip down the wood onto the floor. You can say the little puddle in the picture on the right. I never even used the scrubbing sponge because wiping with a washcloth was all that was needed! I was inspired and proceeded to clean every cabinet in my kitchen, even inside the doors! This job used to take hours and leave me feeling frustrated because they still looked so awful. This time I was done in about 30 minutes and my cabinets haven't looked this good since I moved in!

The best part is that I used so little of the concentrate to make the full bottle of cleaner and only used about 1/5 the bottle of mixed cleaner to clean all of my cabinets! 

mixing for medium duty

Next, I wanted to try the GVP Formula 433 Prespotter. The main ingredient is, of course, the Formula 433 Concentrate, with  the other ingredients being palm kernal oil, coconut oil, baking soda, and sodium hydroxid. Again, this product is completely non-toxic. According to Green Virgin Products, you rub the bar with a wet toothbrush and then scrub the spot. It should disappear before your eyes. Then you launder as usual. 

Yeah, okay, well we will see about that! I grabbed my daughter's white shorts because I knew she had multiple stains on them. I had cringed when I saw them in the laundry earlier today. Here's what happened (pay special attention to the bottom left, which is where I tried the prespotter): 

Okay, well it wasn't instant and it wasn't magical, but I am still quite impressed! That was a  dried on spaghetti sauce stain on top of dirt and who knows what else. I scrubbed for about a minute with an old toothbrush. Not bad, huh? 

Now if you'll excuse me, I have more stains to remove. I see the fridge door getting cleaned today, too...

If you are interested in winning some GVP Formula 433 for yourself, head over to enter our  Fall into Green Giveaway, which will run from 9/22/12 to 9/30/12!

Green Virgin Products  will ship one lucky reader a gallon of concentrate, two spray bottles, a foaming pump dispenser, and a bar of prespotter! 


  1. I like that they clean so well and is concentrated so it will last much longer . It is non-toxic, fragrance free, and hypoallergenic too. They even say it's safe enough to drink! But I dont think I would do that tho.

  2. It's nice that they say its non carcinogc

  3. Looks like a great toxin-free alternative!

  4. It looks like it works great! I love that it's Hypoallergenic!