Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farmer's Market Dinner

Fall brings a whole new assortment of seasonal vegetables, like sweet potatoes, onions, and greens like kale and spinach. We are so lucky to now have two organic farmer's markets locally, and my shopping trip a few days ago yielded baby onions, bok choy, sweet potatoes, greens, squash, and some farm-fresh eggs and butter.

Interesting fact: Butter and beef from grass fed cattle are better for you and can actually help lower cholesterol when eaten in moderation, versus grain fed products that raise your cholesterol. 

I was excited to put these ingredients to work. Since my daughter has been begging for breakfast for supper lately, I decided to grant her wish. She prefers scrambled eggs over omelets, but still likes to add all sorts of goodies to the eggs.

First, I put some bok choy in the wok, complete with greens and the stems, and let those cook on low with just a tiny bit of butter till the leaves were wilted and dark green.  

While the bok choy was cooking, I sliced the baby onions, using the green tops too. The only part I cut off is the very tip of the onion where the little root tendrils are.

I dropped the onions in a pan with butter and chopped up some roma tomatoes to add to the onions. Unfortunately, tomatoes are now out of season here and I had to buy them at the grocery store, but if you have some canned or frozen, feel free to substitute for the store-bought ones. I don't have many in the freezer and they are stewed so I decided against using them for this recipe. 
Next, I used the garlic press to add two cloves of garlic to my mixture. 

Cook on medium-high heat till onions are soft, and transfer to a storage dish. This mixture can be saved in the fridge for up to a week and used in eggs or on toast. My favorite use? Spread onto tortillas and top with cheese, then bake till hot for personal pizzas!

Now I mixed up some of the fresh eggs with a little cream, salt and pepper. You may prefer milk instead of cream, but I wasn't holding back! Of course, I used some more of my fresh butter to cook the scrambled eggs. It's so yummy!

Just before the eggs are completely one, add a generous amount of the tomato and onion mixture and stir together.

The bok choy was wilted and tender just before the eggs were finished, so I let it sit in the pan, turned off, to keep it warm until the eggs finished.

Now all that's left is to serve it and eat it!  This meal is healthy and delicious, in addition to being vegetarian! I hope you try it and love it as much as we do.

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  1. Fall-fresh vegetables stir-fried with eggs sound delicious.

  2. This looks great. I love fall seasonal produce and supporting farmers markets. The facts on grass feed beef and butter were very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing with Delicious Dish Tuesday. I am featuring you this week over at Coping with Frugality!