Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mama Time

Does your family make a point of spending time together? I mean to do you actually purposefully put down your phone, your computer, your remote control and spend time interacting with each other? We rarely did this... until recently. We homeschool so I thought I was spending plenty of time with her, but it isn't always fun time. In the evenings, I am often distracted by housework, blogging, etc. while she is on the computer, watching television, or on her phone. 

Now my daughter and I have made a commitment to each other. I will spend a minimum of 30 minutes of intentional time each day with her. I will put not text or answer the phone or check on my blog during that time. I will focus on her. Maybe we will sit on the porch and talk while the dogs play in the yard. Maybe we will play cards, which we both love to do. Maybe we will watch her favorite television show. The point is that I am making a point of spending time with her that is not shared with anyone else. 

She has made a commitment of her own. She will give me 15 minutes of intentional alone time each day. I will probably just do laundry or dishes, but she will find something else to do for at least 15 minutes without calling my name or following me from room to room. 

So far it's working really well! I get a break every day and she gets my undivided attention every day. I hope we continue to do this and do it well. 

Do you have intentional time with your kids? Or your spouse? What about breaks? Tell me about it! How often and what kinds of activities do you do?


  1. What a great idea...I have been thinking about this so much lately. We spend so much time together in the house but not always concentrating on each other.

  2. Mama time is so important for all our kids! :-)

  3. a great way to de-stress for sure.

  4. That is so important. We try to do 1:1 time with each of our kids at least once a week. They just cherish that time.

  5. Does that work?! Can we do that? I'm gonna try it!

  6. Love this idea. All of our gadgets can be very distracting for family time. It is great to make a commitment to focus on it.