Monday, November 19, 2012

Changes, Changes

Wanna talk about a big change? Trying taking on a roommate when you're nearly 40 years old. Yes, this is the adventure upon which I have embarked.

This week, my daughter and I have welcomed my sister and her daughter as our new roomies. I spent weeks emptying 2 rooms, 2 closets, and a bathroom. I cleaned out the "junk room" and made it our new family room, complete with pool table, games, and television. Then on Sunday the U-Haul finally arrived. My sister and I unloaded it ourselves and surprisingly quickly. We put beds together and introduce her doggie to ours. By the time we finished, we were too tired to even spend time together!

Throughout the week, there was lots of unpacking, learning to share certain spaces, buying groceries to suit everyone. Most importantly, we were able to find some time to sit together and just enjoy each other's company. We looked at photos from our younger days and pictures of our babies when they really were just babies. I introduced her to some of my friends and to my church (ya'll know I love my church!).

I'm sure there will be challenges along the way. For now, though, I just want to enjoy having such wonderful company. I know that the support will give for one another will far outweigh any obstacles we come across. I am set in my ways and so is she. But we will just have to learn to live together again.

Wish us luck!

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