Friday, November 30, 2012

December Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop

Mama Making Changes is sponsoring a Photo-A-Day Challenge Hop for December 2012! Below is a list of dates in December and beside each one is a prompt, which is a suggestion for your photo that day. Let's see how creative we can get! Think outside the box! And have fun! 

Each day, after I post the photo of the day, I will change the suggestion to a clickable link. Just click the link to see the photo! 

Calling all Bloggers! Would you like to join me? Just copy and paste the button and the intro above and the list below to your page and add your blog to the linky at the bottom of this post. I'll email the linky code to you after you sign up. Feel free to make some changes to the introduction to customize it to your blog, as long as you give include the link to Mama Making Changes.

December Photo-A-Day Challenge

12/1      Smile :)
12/3      Red
12/4      It's so cold!
12/5      Decorate
12/6      One
12/7      Flashback
12/8      Green
12/9      Yummy
12/10     Lights
12/11     Friendship
12/12     Local 
12/13     Candy cane
12/14     Wrap it up!
12/15     I love...
12/16     Two 
12/17     Toy
12/18     Warm and cozy
12/19     Tree
12/20     Special
12/21     Sweet
12/22     White
12/23     Homemade
12/24     Joy
12/25     Good morning!
12/26     Relax
12/27     Me
12/28     Three
12/29     Family
12/30     Resolution
12/31     Celebrate!


  1. I'll be joining the hop, Laura. will link up once it's up. thanks!

  2. I *want* to do this, and *plan* to... but whether I remember every day is another story ;) I'm book marking it though so I remember to come back tomorrow!! Cheers!

    1. It's okay if you miss some days! Just have fun trying!

    2. Well I managed to get today's up :)

  3. I'm already behind! I'm posting my December 1 photo today. :)