Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

It's that time again! With so many opportunities to vote early this year, you may have voted before today. If you haven't voted already, don't forget that you have to be in line by 7 pm or you will be turned away. Everyone that is in line by 7 pm will get to vote, so it isn't too late to do your civic duty my peeps! 

Remember this is your chance to make your voice heard! Every vote matters because single votes add up to dozens and dozens add up to hundreds and hundreds add up to thousands! 

Regardless of who wins tonight, let's all remember that the President of the United States is the leader of our country and we should follow his lead as we followed our parents when we were children. We may not agree with him on every opinion or every decision, but as long as he acts within reason we should treat him with the respect that his title demands. It is important to the welfare of our country that we stand together, undivided, as citizens of the United States of America. 

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