Thursday, January 3, 2013

7 Day Real Food Challenge

I am so excited that my entire household has eagerly agreed to join the 7 Day Real Food Challenge hosted by Holistic Mama! Beginning Sunday, January 6, we will be eating "real food" only for 7 full days! 

What is real food? Real food is food the way nature intended. It's eating the food God gave us, the way he gave it to us. There are no artificial ingredients or highly processed foods. No potato chips, no hot dogs, no sodas! We will be drinking raw milk, water, locally grown and/or organic teas. We have eggs from local free range chickens. We will be eating organic, pasture raised chicken and pork and grass fed beef. We will enjoy fresh nuts and vegetables, organic canned veggies, frozen veggies from our summer garden, and even some locally grown organic apples. 

While this challenge can be individualized, we are going to follow the meal plan and recipes for simplicity's sake. There is even a shopping list for the recommended meal plan! Today I cleaned out the cabinets and designated an area for foods allowed during the challenge. I told everyone to have fun trying to finish the foods in the other cabinets before Sunday morning! We also went to the organic co-op farmer's market to get much of what was on the shopping list before picking up some items at the grocery store. We will need a few more things, but not until later in the week. 

Click here to learn more about the 7 Day Real Food Challenge if you think you would like to try this! It isn't too late to get started! 

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