Sunday, January 6, 2013

Learning Frugality

I've told you about the Real Food Challenge. So far so good! We're eating some amazing meals and all home cooked!

No Spend Month Blog Badge
I also agreed to join a No Spend Challenge this month. I actually forgot about it! Oops! But not that I've remembered, I guess it's time to get on board. What better time to practice frugality than the right after overspending on Christmas? I'm also facing unemployment if I don't find a new job soon, since my employer is closing the store permanently.

The No Spend Challenge is different for everyone. For me it isn't possible to not spend any money this month. I work outside the home, so I need gas. I don't have a winter garden so I need groceries every week.  You get the picture. What I can do on this challenge is refrain from spending on non-essentials. That means stop eating out and start packing lunch; not buying new clothes or shoes except my daughter's soccer cleats, which are necessary for her to play soccer; no extras at the grocery store like magazines. I could go on...

Interested in learning more or joining the challenge? Just click here to visit the hostess, and good luck!

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