Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prepped for the 7 Day Real Food Challenge!

We finished our shopping today for the first half of the challenge. There's another organic market on Wednesday so we can go there for fresh produce instead of getting it now and eating it wilted at the end of the week. 

We also made our nut & seed bars tonight, which will be our snacks for the next few days, along with the local organic apples that I bought. We have some natural peanut butter for dipping, too. 

My sister agreed to prep the veggies for the breakfast frittatta that we are making Sunday morning so that I could go to bed. I had a 10+ hour day at work. But I will get up before everyone else to cook in the morning. 

We've been invited to a lunch for our mom's birthday on Day One of the challenge, so I am cooking our grass-fed burgers alongside breakfast and we are taking them with us to eat for lunch. Not wimping out on the first day! They can have their bucket o' fried chicken!

Meanwhile, I have a nice bird thawing for our dinner Sunday night! An organic pastured chicken. :)

Did you join the challenge? Are you ready to get started? If you'd like to join, even though it's last minute, just click here for the details on!

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