Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mama's Making More Changes!

What's that saying? Where there's a will there's a way? 

I've been wanting to start my own business for some time now and there was always something in the way. I really do need some extra income, but I didn't have any money to invest to get started. I didn't have any time to think of creative ideas and research opportunities. I couldn't imagine adding something else to my list of things to do each day!

But I wanted some sort of backup in a time when jobs aren't exactly security. I mean, I had a week's notice when my employer decided to close up shop in January. I found another job, but boy was I scrambling! I had no other means of income. And if I could turn an idea into a steady, successful business, I could quit my day job and stay at home with that beautiful girl-o'-mine.

Well, it's go time! I've decided it's now or never! My sister and I are opening up shop together on Etsy very soon and I promise you will be the first to know when we are ready! I saved some money and she loved the idea so she is matching my contribution and signing on as my partner. Now we will be able to share the work and have the funds to get off to a great start. 

Wish us luck! This is not an easy time to start and succeed in any business venture. I'm sure I will have support from my MMC readers, though. In fact, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway shortly after our opening is announced! Entries will primarily be in exchange for sharing our news. Feel free to share as soon as we are open anyway though. 

I'll keep you updated!


  1. Let me know how it goes! I've been thinking about opening an Etsy shop as well. Good luck to you!