Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C is for Climate

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Climate change is a very real and serious concern. The world is warming and that could eventually come with catastrophic consequences for humankind. We know how to slow it down, but many individuals and companies choose instead to ignore the warnings. After all, ignorance is bliss. 

Recently I found a great website called that rates companies on their reaction to climate change. The site allows you to search a company name or browse businesses by company, sector, brand, or product type. Having grown up in the Carolinas drinking, I typed in PepsiCo first. A window opened that gave me a numerical score for the company out of 100 possible points, a description of what they are doing well or could do better, and whether they are "stuck", "starting", "striding",  or "soaring" in their efforts to reduce global warming.

On the Climate Counts website, individuals can also use a tool to rate their "shopping cart" to see how their purchasing power contributes to climate change. When we buy products from companies that are refusing to make changes, we are telling those companies that it doesn't matter. As consumers, we do have the power to influence their decisions!

Another feature I love on is the clickable link that allows you to send an email to a company of your choosing to let them know you are watching their Climate Counts score. What a great way to remind these corporations that we are on to them and that environmentally conscious consumers will not support companies that ignore climate change!

You can also download their i-Phone app, follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page, watch videos about the climate crisis, and more. They even have their own blog that you can follow that has some great articles (maybe leave a comment to thank them for what they are doing and/or that MMC sent you. Head on over to check them out by clicking here.

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  1. Pollution has changed the world so much, I can't help but wonder "what color is the sky really?" I mean, I know that it's blue, it's always been blue, but do we see the true blue, or is it dulled by foreign particles floating in the sky? I wonder the same thing concerning the green in leaves and grass: is it the true green that God created so many years ago, or has our contamination of water created a slightly different shade?