Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Food

Food...BIG subject. I could write a book I feel so strongly about many issues involving food. Don't worry! Not tonight and not here! This will be brief!

About a year ago, I started making more effort to eat healthier and to know more about what I eat, not just me but my family too. I've made a ton of changes since then and learned so much. I've also lost about thirty pounds in that time without being hungry! We rarely eat corn now, we buy locally grown, organic vegetables and free-range natural meat. I have given up pasta and rice. I buy local raw milk from grass fed cows. I could go on. I won't go into all of the whys in this post - after all I promised not to write a book tonight. I'll list a few links at the bottom of this post if you want to learn more.

I think we can all agree, however, that a diet of "real food" only is healthier than a diet of highly processed foods like potato chips, crackers, frozen dinners and the like. In January, I participated in the 7 Day Real Food Challenge from Holistic Mama. I got a 7 day menu plan, complete with recipes for everything on the menu and shopping list. My family and I agreed to do the Challenge together and it was a great experience! We were able to give up some of those highly processed foods that were remaining in our diet. In fact, separating our food into what was allowed and not allowed during the challenge, we realized how many unhealthy foods were still in our kitchen.
7 Day Real Food Challenge

Holistic Mama is bringing back the 7 Day Real Food Challenge at the end of April! I'm so excited! I will be posting details since this time I am a contributing blogger, but you can head over to read about the challenge now by clicking here. Hope you'll join us when sign-ups open soon!

For more info on why we've made so many changes to our diet, try some of these links:

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  1. Sounds like something I should sign up for. I try to eat well, but lack of money and working long hours makes cheap frozen food too easy sometimes.
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  2. Ah, yes. Real food is what you would eat if civilization was gone and you were wondering around the forest. Wild vegetables, fruit and game mostly.
    A - Z Challenge