Tuesday, April 16, 2013

M is for Music

I love music. It's my therapy. When I'm down there are certain songs I know will cheer me and when I'm in a real funk and don't want to feel better I have songs for that too. When I'm sleepy and I want to wake up or if I'm energetic and need something to match my mood, well that's a whole different playlist. Then I also have my bedtime music, not too loud, very melodic and soothing. The ladies at work sometimes laugh at me because they never know what will be playing when they walk into my office! They may hear FGL in the morning, then come back later and hear Karmin or Pitbull, and then again they may find me listening to Ben Harper....you never do know! 

We saw FGL in concert recently... does this song make you smile and move those shoulders? 

I enjoy using Spotify on my computer and my phone because I can actually organize the music into different playlists and click the one that matches my mood when I sign on. I can add one song to several different lists if I want, or just to one. At the same time, it keeps a list of all the songs I "starred" so that I have one master list available at all times. I can follow my friends to see what they are listening to and sometimes discover something new that way. Spotify also allows you to follow artists so I know when my favorites add something new. A small sampling of my Spotify music is on Mama's Marvelous Musical Playlist in the right sidebar here on MMC! You can play it while you read whenever you visit and I keep changing it up a bit so you can listen to something different next time you stop by.

When I'm in the car, I like to turn up the music loud, totally ignoring those warnings my parents used to give about going deaf! I never outgrew that habit and I may pay with hearing loss one day, but there is nothing like a warm sunny day with the windows cracked just enough to feel the breeze and some good music blaring on the radio while I grin and sing along, wearing my sun shades and dancing in my seat. Here's a good one for that: 

What are some of the things I might hear if I walked in unannounced while you were playing your music? 
Do you usually stick with a specific genre? Just country music or just  metal or just seventies? Or like me do you tend to play to the mood or event? Black Eyed Peas on the way to work or Ray LaMontagne at bedtime? 
Do you use Spotify, Sound Cloud, or some other app?