Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quiet

If you're thinking "Quiet? What's that?", then this is for you! 

I used to run all day at near the speed of light and then drop into bed after everyone else was sleeping. I'd lie in bed with a zillion thoughts running through my mind till I fell asleep, then get up the next day and do it again. 

It was actually my pastor that made me realize that this was unhealthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was stressed and tired and I never took time for myself. I thought giving selflessly was part of being a good wife and mom but in reality I wasn't much fun to be around. 

I bought some headphones. I moved my laptop to the bedroom. The dishes will wait if they haven't been done yet. Completely alone, after I put my daughter to bed, I  sit and listen to music while I relax. I may blog, chat online with a friend, read my Bible, write in my journal, whatever...but it's my quiet time, my peaceful time. 

When I get sleepy, which happens much more easily when I'm relaxed, I switch the music to my bedtime playlist at a low volume and I close my eyes. 

Do you get your quiet time every day? If so, how do you like to spend it? If not, I challenge you to make it happen for one week and see the difference it makes!

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  1. I do get my quiet time when my son naps where I use the computer, chat with friends, play Candy Crush or take a nap myself. This keeps me sane :P

    I'm glad you have found ways to get some quiet time yourself :) Great post!

  2. Sounds like you found a great way to get some quiet time in for yourself each day. I try to wake up a bit early so I have some quiet time as well to do my spiritual practice, reading, and some work. It sets a good tone for the day.

  3. I also chose Quiet for my Q word. I can't have my quiet time at night, so I get up early to have it before the kids get up.

  4. i have not had my quiet time lately and i feel drifting from what i think should be the essence of my life which is knowing the Lord and being more intimate with HIM. thank you for the reminder of how important real QUIET time is with HIM.

    visiting from A to Z (bob's wife)