Thursday, March 20, 2014


Posted at the request of Moms Across America. This post is copied from their email and Mama Making Changes does not claim authorship. 

Dear Friends,
Our entire movement needs your help!
The Dali Lama said "Western Women will change the world."
That is us and the time is now. And men, we cannot do this without your support!

California is the 7th largest economy in the world.
WHEN California passes GMO labeling it will be a HUGE win for our entire movement!

Don't live in California?
If you do not live in CA you can send this to all your friends and family in CA, post on FB for CA friends.
You can also email national organizations or groups like Autism support groups, cancer groups etc and ask them to endorse
Californians for GE Labeling at

Californians, can you go to this link,

Click on "Find Your Rep" and CALL them today?
Regarding GMO food labeling, ask them to :

1. Co Author
2. Endorse it
3. Vote for it

The Hearing for the vote on this bill in the committee is March 26th.
Deadline to contact your legislator for endorsements is March 27th.

If there are ANY Moms who can be at the Capitol hearing on Wednesday, the coalition is ASKING FOR MOMS to be present.
If we could have hundreds of Moms there, it would pass! 1400 Tenth St., Sacramento, CA, 95814
Rally North Capitol Steps (L St & 11th St) 11:30 - 1:00 pm - just before Hearing. 
*HEARING –  1:30 pm - 4:30 pm   HEALTH COMMITTEE HEARING ROOM 4203

Here is an example for an email to your rep:
Dear Diane,
Thank you for all you do!!
I am writing to you to ask you to PLEASE co author, endorse and vote for the CA GE food labeling bill SB1381 which is going into going to be heard in the health committee at the Capitol next Wed, March 26, 2014.
Moms Across America ask for immediate GMO labeling so we can best care for our families. There is growing evidence of harm to our children's health when they ingest GMOs and we see our kids get better from allergies, autism, asthma and auto immune issues when they do avoid GMOs in their diet.
Will you co author and support this bill?
Your Name
Moms Across America

Calling and meeting is person is the MOST effective. Please call and meet with your rep as soon as possible.
Their tel. number is on their page when you click on "Find Your Rep" at

Thank you for taking action today! This is so important!
We need EVERY person reading this to please take action and share!!!

Moms Across America

P.S. We want to support all states with hearings and legislative votes, please send us the links to your sites and your deadlines and we moms will help! Together we can move mountains!!!

Moms Across America

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