Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I recently clicked on a twitter link for Swagbucks, just out of curiosity. It turns out is a website that allow you to earn points (swagbucks) which can be exchanged for gift cards. The selection of gift cards is tremendous and the tasks are very simple. 

For example, I now use their search engine to search the web. I get swagbucks for that! I answer a one question poll each morning. I get swagbucks for that! I sign up for free offers. I get swagbucks for that too! And when I want to order something online, I go to first, click on their shopping section, and then click on the site I want to shop. They give me swagbucks for my purchases! 

I am loving this site!

To try it yourself, just click here to go to and sign up! Signing up is super fast if you use your Facebook account, or you can take a few extra seconds and sign up with your email address. 

Let me know what you think! Do you heart swagbucks too?

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