Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kickin' Butt or Gettin' a Butt Kickin'?

The team is picked and the training has begun. I, my friends, will be doing the USMC Ultimate Challenge Mudrun in Columbia, SC on October 13, 2013. The Mudrun is a 6 mile course with 36 obstacles designed by Marine Corp drill instructors to be hard as hell.

Why am I excited about this?

If you've read before about my weight loss journey, you know from whence I have come. I come from obesity. I come from an ankle injury that took two years and surgery and pins to be mostly okay now. I come from an atrophied leg and week muscles all over. I come from aching knees and back and neck. I come from high blood pressure.

So, I really have come a long way, baby.



I'm doing circuit training equipment three days per week and cardio three days per week. I met with a personal trainer and put a plan on paper so that I have specific tasks to complete each time I work out. And I'm working hard. I'm eating right of course, too. Sometimes I feel like the training is really kicking my butt, but I know it will be worth when I complete that course in October. When I decide I'm going to do something, I don't do it half-way. I'm gonna do the thing! I'm nothing if not determined, and it will feel so good to cross that finish line!

It really helps me to have a goal and a specific date by which I need to meet that goal. I also have found that I having a workout partner really is great motivation to get to the gym and to get busy while I'm there. And the more I see results, the more I want to keep going.

Eating the right foods is a great basis for keeping yourself and your family healthy, but physical fitness is important to overall health, too. I'm feeling great about the new healthier me and my daughter is following my lead without any coersion! Yay!

What helps motivate you to stick with your health or fitness routine? Have you ever done a mudrun or similar challenge? Or considered it? If you're in the great state of South Carolina, get together a team and sign up! Just click here for more info. 


  1. I am so proud of you! I am your main fan, your biggest cheering section! You kick butt, baby!

  2. Congratulations Laura! Such an awesome accomplishment. Now that my girls are getting bigger, I need to focus on getting fit again!