Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday Dilemma

It's the weekend and around my house that means soccer. You know I love kids' sports and I am thankful for my little athletes. Sports keep my kids outdoors and active.
But this weekend we have games on Sunday. What happened to the days of never having practice or games on Wednesday or Sunday? I guess that idea is going the way of stores that close during church hours. Where did the Sunday drive go? Even if we could afford the gas, who has time to just ride around aimlessly, enjoying the scenery and the company? I wish I did! I am always working or going to soccer games! We don't just have games on Sunday, we have games on Sunday morning! When we go to tournaments the same thing happens. If we don't play, we forfeit the game and it counts as a loss, so what are we to do?
I guess I will have to watch church online this week. Thank goodness I can do that!

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