Thursday, March 15, 2012

Endomondo Workout

More than 30 views in my first two days! That's exciting! Thanks to everyone who is reading! We are still recycling. Did you know that KFC gives you reusable and recyclable containers for your sides now? You can wash them in the dishwasher and stick them in the cabinet! Yay! (Guess what we had for dinner last night?) 
Just finished watering the seedlings that I bought for the new garden. So excited to be able to get them in the ground this weekend!
Thinking of other ways to get healthier, I decided to quit talking and start acting on my weight-loss. Yesterday I went for a 10 minute walk before work and it left me so energized! That was all I needed to get excited. Last night I downloaded an app for my droid called Endomondo PRO and this morning I took the time to enter my statistics and get it ready to track my workouts. It even has contests with real prizes like fitness equipment and sportswear. I entered two. Endomondo uses real-time GPS technology to track your walking, jogging, cycling, and more. It can measure your time, distance, speed, and calories burned. It keeps a running total and allows you to choose whether to simply track your workout or set a time or distance goal. You can even make your goal to beat your last workout. You can set it to automatically send workout data to Facebook, too, which helps with accountability and may even get you some recognition from your friends. Who couldn't use a pat on the back (or a "like") after a sweaty jog? Pretty cool, huh? 
So, of course, I used Endomondo today! My daughter and I took the puppy and hit the streets of our neighborhood with my cell phone in hand. We managed to a brisk 20 minute walk just before I went to work. Endomondo says we walked .87 miles and even gave us our speed in real time while we walked, as well as our average speed at the end. We started out at over 7 mph but on the last bit we were under 3 mph. Haha! Okay, maybe I was a little ambitious today. I did have ankle surgery last summer and haven't walked any more than necessary since. My ankle and foot are both pretty sore tonight. But I plan to walk again tomorrow! Who's with me? Let me know if you have used Endomondo and your thoughts on it. I love it!

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