Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quality Time

We did it! We made a reusable shopping bag from a shirt! For anyone who didn't see it, I posted the directions last week, so you can look back if you missed it. This was super easy! My daughter sewed the bottom after I showed her how and I cut out the top. Then, ta-daa! All done! 
This project was a great ending to a great day. After we did a little shopping for flip flops and a new sundress this morning, we went to the library to check out some books and have school. We love the library for a change of scenery when we get tired of doing school at home. We just grab a big table in the back and spread out. It's peaceful and easier to stay focused. When we do need a break, we look for books to check out, go to the water fountain and get back to work. 
After dinner I worked on the garden for a while and my daughter played with her puppy. I took a break to play catcher so she could practice pitching for softball. Just before dark, we took a nice walk. We tried speed walking tonight and then jogged the last stretch. Wow! What a step up from our usual walk! It felt good, though, especially in the cool evening air. 
After our walk, we did some chores and sat down together to do our sewing. This was the first time she had used a needle and thread. You see the fruits of our labor. And my daughter never even asked to turn the TV on tonight because she was having fun making her new bag. In fact, she gave me a big afterward and thanked me for taking the time to do this with her! I love it!

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  1. I love this! A great idea and fun craft to do with the kids!