Thursday, April 26, 2012

Made from Scratch

Tonight my 12 year old daughter decided to treat us to some of her home made sugar cookies. She hit the nail on the head when she looked over at me with flour on her cheeks and said "Cookies are just better when you make the dough instead of buying it at the store." So true! It's like you can taste the love that went into them!

She's very good at making these cookies super tasty, but her favorite part is decorating them. Tonight she was in a pink kind of mood, as you can  tell from the first batch, shown here before going into the oven.

They were rolled in sugar, sprinkled with pink sugar, and then topped with little candy sprinkles! Unfortunately, they overcooked. We later referred to them as the "crunchy cookies." Heehee. And my daughter said they tasted like popcorn! She won't let me throw them out, either. 

The second batch had fewer toppings, but she opted for a criss-cross pattern on top instead of just pressing them with the fork once. The sugar settled into the depressions and looked very cute. 

This batch thankfully didn't burn. Even though dinner was still cooking, we couldn't resist a little taste test! These cookies are great even when they've cooled, but they were even better warm! Finally, the last batch came out and all of the beautiful sugar cookies were laid out to cool until after dinner. 

I'm so glad my daughter appreciates the value of home cooking from scratch. She doesn't mind the extra work because the income justifies the outcome. Cooking is fun for young people, too. It's never a chore for my daughter to make these cookies. In fact, she begs me to let her! Not to mention reducing the footprint on the earth. These cookies were not trucked across the country. They traveled though...from the counter to the oven to our tummies!

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  1. Both of my kids (19 and 17) love to bake. Now if I could only get them to start cooking supper. :)