Friday, April 6, 2012

Food, Inc.

This week I watched the movie "Food, Inc.", which I had heard was very enlightening. Not only did I learn a lot about the food we eat and from whence it comes, some of what I learned was shocking and even disgusting.      

This documentary about how industry influences and even controls much of the farming industry also explains how our food supply has become controlled by a few huge corporations. These companies often put profit first, and what suffers is our health, the American family farm, workers, animals, and our environment. You will be surprised how many of the items in a typical grocery store contain corn, and you will be disgusted at the way your beef is fed and raised and slaughtered. "Food, Inc" also delves into the industry of highly processed food. Items like soft drinks and potato chips are to blame for many of the health problems in America. The movie also encourages us to change these trends by purchasing foods that are more nutritiv, organic, and locally grown whenever possible.Follow this link to download a list of 10 ways to help change the food industry now... Food, Inc. Postcard . Read over them and see what changes you can effect in your home. I encourage you to also watch the movie. You will be surprised, impressed, and depressed. When it's over, though, watch another movie..."Fresh" explores the opposite side of the food industry, the family farm, and inspires in me a feeling that there is hope for us yet.

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