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Monday A La Mode: September 1, 2013

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This week the focus is on today's holiday...

Happy Labor Day!
  • On June 28, 1894, an act of Congress made the 1st Monday in September a national holiday in honor and recognition of the contributions that workers have made to the growth and development of a strong and prosperous America.
  • The first Labor Day was held more than a decade earlier in New York City in 1882. Other cities followed and later states declared the day a holiday before the federal government finally got on board.
  • In recent years, Labor Day celebrations and recognition by employers have both declined. Be sure to say thank you to at least one hard-working American today for his or her contribution to our economy, our freedom, our way of life! 
  • Buy American-made products. Don't forget that somebody made that bed you sleep in, that coffee mug in your hand, that computer under your fingertips; and hopefully it was an American who made it!
  • See a variety of videos that pay tribute to specific important contributions of American workers at by clicking here. Short video clips focus on subjects like the history of Labor Day, the fight to end child labor, the GM sit-down in the 1930s, and more. See one of these videos below. 

If You Wonder Who Did Make That Stuff...
If You Aren't at Work Today...
  • Please be safe. Labor Day weekend is unfortunately known for it's high number of fatalities. It has been estimated that more than 400 traffic-related deaths will occur before the holiday is through, and that doesn't include accidents on the water. Don't drink and drive - on the road or on the water - and be aware of other drivers who may be less responsible. See more stats from the National Safety Council by clicking here.
  • Think about the ecological consequences of your actions. As you head out to whatever festivities you have on the agenda, remember the basics like keeping trash off the ground and out of the water, taking care with grills and fireworks so that wildfires aren't started, keeping recyclables out of the garbage, using fewer disposable items, and cooking only what you will eat to avoid waste.
  •  Skip the fast food! Not sure why? Watch this trailer for the upcoming movie from and visit their website to sign up to be one of the first to see the full length movie later this month. 
  • Check out some amazing blogs while you are sunning it in that beach chair! Click the Top Mommy Blogs button below to be redirected to their list of the best mom blogs on the web. You are sure to find some you love! 
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