Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday A La Mode: September 16, 2013

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This week on Monday A La Mode...

Before You Check Out These Great Links:
  • Think twice about which browser you are using. The Better World Shopping Guide gives Firefox an A for their overall rating.  And Google gets an A- for being a leader in the fight against global warming and for being one of the most ethical companies in the world. Internet Explorer received an F, as did Bing and MSN. 
Did You Know:
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  • Pouring salt onto a runny spill in the kitchen, like cooking oil or raw egg, will make it easier to clean up. Let the salt sit for about 15 minutes and it will absorb most of the mess! This also works on carpet!
  • Cotton balls soaked in salt water (1 tsp salt per pint of water) make a great compress for puffy eyes. Lie with eyes closed and cotton balls on eyelids for 15 minutes and puffiness will go away!
  • Learn more tricks like these in Salt by Betsy Rossen Elliot or by clicking here to go to
Green Companies I'm Loving this Week:
If You've Ever Considered Organic Gardening:
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  1. I find the grades about the browsers interesting. I like Firefox a lot but for some reason, it just stopped working on this computer so I had to switch to Chrome. I absolutely hate IE.

  2. Loving all the info on salt! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for all the tips! Salt is great for cleaning so many things. You can putt some crushed ice in a stained coffee pot, add some ice and swirl it all around. Then rinse the whole mess out and your coffee pot will either sparkle or be WAY cleaner. We did this all the time when I waitressed. :)

  4. Really great tips. I will have to check out those heirloom seeds for next years garden! And the salt tips...super useful!

  5. It doesn't surprise me that Internet Explorer received an "F"! FTW--I love Google Chrome =)

  6. I'm loving my new Patagonia jacket. Almost every day I find some new tiny detail in its construction and functionality that makes me love it even more. I went gaga for Patagonia after studying the company in a Sustainability class. Unfortunately, I'm not a dirt bagger and can't afford Patagonia unless it is massively on sale, which my jacket was because it was last year's model. It should last me many more years and Patagonia will repair it and at the end of its useful life recycle it.

  7. Salt DOES clean up those spills, but I ruined a vacuum cleaner once, vacuuming up some salt that had soaked up hubby's punch spill. argggggh! haha!