Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Afternoons

What do Saturday afternoons mean to me? I work Saturday mornings, but in the afternoon, well, that's fun time. 

Saturday afternoons are great for sitting outside on the front porch, doing nothing, or watching the kids and dogs play. 

Saturday afternoons are a good time to go for a milkshake or ice cream with my daughter.

Saturday afternoon is a great time for a nap on the sofa, which I have time to do because...

Saturday afternoons mean dinner at our house is "see-food" see it, you eat it. 

Saturday afternoon in the fall means time to watch my favorite team play football and yell at the television, no matter whether they are winning or losing. 

Saturday afternoons are great for a good book or catching up on those magazines on the coffee table.

Saturday afternoons are time for casual visits with good friends. 

Saturday afternoons are lazy and comfortable and make me feel warm and smiley.

What are Saturday afternoons for you?

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