Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Earring Display

Tonight I am honored to offer you a guest post by one of my favorite bloggers! I'm really not the very good at coming up with creative project ideas, but I actually love DIY. When it comes to ideas for do-it-yourself, I search other blogs to get project ideas. But in a recent survey on MMC, you my readers said you'd like to see more posts on this subject, so I am honored to you a guest by one of my favorite bloggers, Shai from The Vagabond Studio. Enjoy!

Confession: I have a slight earring addiction. 

Many of these are picked up at Earthbound when they’re on clearance, and nearly all of the bronze/metal dangly ones were picked up as ‘maybe’ sets for the wedding (I wound up wearing pearls, go figure). I never wear them, though, because I can either a) Never find the match b) Forget they exist or c) Find it too much of a pain in the tush to dig through my jewelry box to find something. So... I made this! 

I just painted an old frame ($1 at a thrift store), and hot glued a section of a huge lace curtain (whole curtain was also $1 at the thrift store, and I still have most of it left) to the back of the frame. Voila! Done and done. In the photo below, you can see the glasses display frame I made a few months ago for my glasses collection. This would also work well for sunglasses (mine are all prescription glasses in an insane variety of ridiculous colors), and even hair clips for little girls! Hurray for upcycling and organization at the same time! ♥

Author Bio: Shai is a mom, student, artist, and blogger. Her popular blog, The Vagabond Studio, is full of healthy recipes, upcycling ideas, and inspiring posts about her thoughts on everything from parenting to peace, green living to green businesses. Head on over to check it out and maybe leave a comment, here or there, to let her know you love this post!

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