Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dehydrate It Right Giveaway

Mama Making Changes is happy to bring to you another great green giveaway! Dehydrate It Right is brought to you by A Lucky Ladybug and M.O.O.N., whose clickable links are below. Feel free to hop on over and leave a comment on their page telling them thank you for organizing this great giveaway event!

A Lucky Ladybug
Nesco Gardenmaster Digital Pro Food Dehydrator
ARV $170
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"New Digitally Controlled" unit has all these features:

Top mounted fan eliminates liquids dripping into the heater chamber.
Expands to a giant 20 trays so you can dry large quantities all at once! 
1000 watts of drying power means you can dry more, faster. 
Patented Converga-Flow® forces heated air down the exterior pressurized chamber, then horizontally across each individual tray, converging in the center, for fast, even and nutritious drying.
Fast, Powerful Fan! 
A quiet, 2,400-RPM motor and specially designed 4-1/2 inch fan mean faster, more nutritious drying.
  Adjustable Thermostat! The adjustable 90-160 degree F digital control gives you the flexibility to get the best results.
 As needs grow, this four-tray unit can be expanded with accessory Add-A-Trays®, up to 20 trays (20 sq. ft.) Drying pressure adjusts automatically to the number of trays.  
Included  accessories: No-Spill Fruit Roll Sheet, Clean-A-Screen®, Jerky Spice Packet and Cure.
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  1. I plan to give this to my son who is a horticulturist. He grows his own vegetables and herbs. I know that he will really appreciate having a food dehydrator.

  2. I will make beef jerky and deer jerky for my husband. He loves both ,but homemade is so much better if you can get grass fed beef!

    1. I agree! Since we started eating local grass fed beef, I don't want to ever go back!

  3. I have been wanting a dehydrator for a long time! I would love to dry fruit to give to kids as snacks :)

  4. I have been wanting one for a while. We just planted a Granny Smith apple tree a few weeks ago. Perhaps we could dry some apples soon. :)

  5. I'll use this as a second dehydrator to make deer season go more quickly.

  6. This would be so great to have! Dried apples, pears, peppers and so much more dance through my head.