Monday, August 12, 2013

Razoo Fundraiser

Today I started a new fundraiser on Razoo for a cause near and dear to my heart. I have been a volunteer at several animal shelters since my college days and most recently have been fostering for the Darlington County Humane Society. Because they are entirely funded by donations and because they took in over 5000 dogs last year and many cats as well, they depend on volunteers and rescue groups to save these animals from euthanasia. 

My daughter and I have taken a short-term break from fostering while we make our transition from Florence to Pamplico but we don't want to stop helping. So I've started a fundraiser for a new "puppy house" at DCHS. The current puppy house is old and is currently being used for overflow when the shelter is full. Again, they do everything possible to prevent putting animals to sleep at this shelter. But when nursing puppies and their moms come into the shelter, they desperately need to be separated from the rest of the population. Weather and stress are not the only hazards to these pups. Until they have received their vaccinations, they should not be exposed to other dogs that are potentially carriers of deadly viruses like parvo. My daughter and I personally experience a heart-breaking incident where a young brother and sister died of parvo just three days apart, just after one of them had been placed in foster care with us. 

You can help in so many ways. 

  • If you can, please donate by clicking here to go to, or by using the clickable Razoo update icon below, or by using the donation widget in the right sidebar. 
  • But whether you donate or not, please share this fundraiser with others via Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media so that we can spread the word. 

Online fundraising for New and Safe Housing for Puppies and Nursing Mamas

Thanks so much for having a heart for these puppies!