Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday A La Mode: August 19, 2013

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This week, here's what I discovered for you:

In the News...

  • Apparently this isn't new news, but it was new to me so maybe you too. As an animal lover and a volunteer at my local shelter, I was horrified by the DNR raid (yes raid) on a shelter because they had a "wild animal" at the facility, which was carried out in a body bag. The wild animal was Giggles, a baby deer who'd been found without a mother and was scheduled to be released at a wildlife reserve the next day. See more by clicking here and share this story so that our outrage can be heard.
  • The White House, under President Obama's direction, has installed solar panels on the roof! Epic win!!!!! Inspiration to keep shouting for greener policies in Washington! Share the good news and keep making your voice heard. Follow happenings at The White House via Twitter by clicking here or leave a comment at The White House Blog by clicking here.

Blog Posts of the Week...

  • Silent Springs is one of my fave blogs and this week the site featured a post about frogs that contained alarming info. I've heard before that frogs are dying at an uncanny rate and malformed frogs are becoming more and more common. The stats in this post shocked me anyway. Buy or grow your own organic to keep pesticides out of our waterways! Click here to read the post. 
  • Tales of a Pee Dee Mama is written by a personal friend of mine here in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. She posted an excellent recipe for homemade taco seasoning last week that I tried and loved. Why buy the packets that are full of preservatives if you don't have to? Make up enough for several meals and this recipe will save you money, save on packaging waste in landfills, and taste better than than the packets! Click here to see the recipe on her blog.

Read This..,

    Product Details
  • I love to read, but not just anything. I often find myself standing in the library wondering what I'll enjoy that I haven't already devoured. This week I hit the jackpot with Home, the newest novel for Nobel Peace Prize winner Toni Morrison. I was first introduced to Toni Morrison in a Woman Writers class in college and fell  in love with her stories and her style. Home is about a black southern man who survives Korea and lands in Southern California. He embarks on a literal and figurative journey to find himself. The story gripped me from page one! Buy it on Amazon by clicking here.  

Why Raw is Better...

  • It turns out apple cider vinegar loses many of it's health benefits during distillation, according to a book I've been reading called Vinegar Fridays. Check out the Vinegar Fridays page on Facebook by clicking here.  You can buy the book on Amazon, as well as Bragg's Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, by clicking here. 
  • It turns out the same is true for processed honey! Honey in stores is clear because it is processed, which is new news to me! With the pollen removed, this product loses health benefits also, and technically is not even honey. Read more here. Check with local farmer's markets or to find local, unprocessed honey. 

That's it for this week my friends! I'd love to hear your comments or questions on any of these issues. Share your opinion below. 

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