Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seeing the Effects of Healthy Changes

During 2012 I started Mama Making Changes because I wanted to become a healthier and greener household. One of those changes has been to eat better by choosing organic, local (homegrown when possible), whole foods. We stopped buying highly processed foods like potato chips and cake mixes and starting making things from scratch. Through it all, I struggled with the fact that I wasn't losing weight like I thought I would since I was eating so much healthier.

Finally, I sought out the help of a doctor who was recommended by a friend. I discovered that I was using grains and sugars too much, and not eating enough meat, vegetables, and dairy. I began buying whole milk, locally made cheese, and eating more meat and veggies. I stopped using rice and pasta and bought quinoa instead, which is actually a seed. I limit the amount of bread I eat and I make it from scratch when I do have it. 

Today I went for a checkup with my doctor. My blood pressure is lower and I've lost a total of 18 pounds in the last year. Most of that has been since I made the new changes to my diet. I am almost in a healthy weight range for my size now. I'm excited to continue now. And I feel better! In fact, I'll be posting more later about a Whole Foods Challenge that I'll be joining for next week! Maybe you can join, too!

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